It All Depends On How You Define Unlimited Hosting

Unlimited Hosting Hoax

I have mentioned this briefly in past posts but it has become a pet peave of mine.


It is a powerful word, meaning with out limits. No ands, ifs, or buts… Unlimited. Unless of course its your hosting company.

You see most hosting companies offer dirt cheap rates for hosting and entice you with unlimited hosting. Unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth, etc. What about the fine print? Good luck finding it, because although you will not find it it does exists.

The true meaning of unlimited.

Lets start of with the big one, unlimited storage space. For only $x.xx a month you’ll get unlimited amounts of storage space…. But…. If your space contains more than X number of files then we will no longer back up you site for you.

You can also have unlimited number of domains…. But… If said domains cause more then X number of server processs to occur we will shut down the account temporarily.

You can also have unlimited bandwidth… But… If you exceed a certain level we will throttle your speeds back.

You can have unlimited email accounts… But… look out for restrictions above on processes and storage space.

You see they do not place limits on these items but as a consequence of you trying to use the unlimitness they find other ways to cap you and encourage you to move up to the next level. The biggest catch all they use is “if it is determined that it causes detrimental service to other sites on the server you will be suspended”

Yes boys and girls unless you on a “dedicated” or VPS you are sharing the server with 1000s of other little sites (yes thousands) all clamoring for a piece of the same resources. So you can see that unlimited on one of these servers does have a ceiling.

So what does it all mean?

Over all these hosts are not bad and most of you will never run into these limiting factors on unlimited services. You should just be aware of these things and ask questions of them so that you are informed about what you are getting into.

Hostgator is one of the largest hosts out there and one I have recommended in the past  (still do if you dont want to host directly with me!) and they practice the same misleading terms. When I got my first shared account with them I was all excited with the unlimited sites/storage/bandwidth deal and started putting sites on it. One being my main photography site and another being my tattoo photography site. Those two alone brought it up to the first limiting factor of 100,000 files. Soon with a few more sites I was running into the 25 processes at a time limiting factor. So I quickly learned and have had to move things around.

As I mentioned above and if you have pursued the site you know I do offer hosting now as well. No unlimited anything, you pay for what you use and you know what? Most get by with the tadpole plan and have no issues whats so ever.

What about you? Any pet peeves or stories with your hosting provider?

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