WordPress 3.9 Released

wordpress-3-9If you read my last post on keeping your WordPress site updated then you may already know about that WordPress 3.9 has been released today. As well as some under the hood and bug fixes there are some new features that are quite useful.

Live Preview of Sidebars and Widgets

Yes now you no longer have to add your widgets and then run to view your site to see if it messed anything up. You can no add and edit your widgets and see what they do in real time BEFORE it affects your site and if all is good then you can click save to make your changes live.

Instead of going to Appearance>>Widgets (which is still there for you) now as an option goto Appearance>>Customize and you will see a preview of your site. On the left will be a menu of your theme options as well as all the widget locations for the page being shown. You can navigate your site just like you normally would to find the correct page then click on the left to edit your widget places (or sidebars) you can even add new widgets right here. Once everything looks great hit Saved up top.

Live WordPress Gallery Views

Another cool feature is when you add WordPress Galleries to your page or post, instead of seeing a big gray box you now actually see the gallery. Exactly like you will see it on your site

Improved Image Abilities

You no have the ability to just drag your images directly on to the editor now without having to click Add Media first. You can also directly drag and resize your images in the editor (I still recommend making your image the size you want before uploading. Its also easier to rotate and crop your images directly from the editor

Other Nifty Features

  • Audio and Video Playlists (add just like galleries)
  • New Theme¬†browser
  • Header editor
  • Copy and paste from other sources (i.e Microsoft) strips formatting garbage out automatically
  • A link to return to editor from your post revisions list (thought this should have been there for a long time)

When you update its always a good idea to do a back up, and be sure to check often in the next week as many of your plugins and themes can be coming out with updates to make them compatible or at the least work better with WordPress 3.9

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