WordPress Security: First Line of Defense

wordpress securityIm sure you’ve read about the recent hack into Target where the hackers accessed lots of user information. Just because you are a little website or blog don’t think you are immune. There are people out their that hack little websites just for fun, to prove that they can, and then all your hard work could be gone in an instant.

There are many ways for you to protect your WordPress site to protect yourself but there is on simple way to start, and it should be your first! Your user log in!

When you first create your WordPress site its going to ask you for an Administrator username, by default it will use ‘admin’. Please take this time to choose something else! You would be surprised how many just let it stay that way, don’t worry if you are saying opps right now I’ve done it as well. Leaving it this way gives hackers 50% of what they need to to hack your site. The first thing they will try is ‘admin’ but don’t worry if you have done this as it is really easy to fix and takes mmm about 2 mins if you are slow.

  • First log in to your site (yes with that admin user name of admin)
  • Next go to Users in the left menu and click ‘Add New
  • Now create your new user with a new user name besides admin. Don’t make it to common.
  • Next enter an email address, it has to be different than the current admin user but you can change it later.
  • As an extra step go ahead and enter your first and last name in there as well.
  • Be sure to use a strong password. Uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and characters are recommended
  • Then in the drop down selection labeled Role select administrator (very important).
  • Next click add new user
  • Log out and log back in under your new user account.
  • Delete the old ‘Admin’ User. It will ask you you if you want to delete all posts connected to the user or reassign them to your new user account. Yes reassign or they will be gone.
  • Now go back to users and click Your Profile you can now update all your info here as well as change email address back to the one you use.
  • As another smart precaution, in the drop down selection labeled Display name publicly as select anything but your user name 🙂

Thats it! Your first line of defense is now complete. I’ll go into other ways to protect yourself but this first one is a must. Of course if you need a hand you can always hire someone like me to help you out 😉


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